Nov 12, 2019  
2018-2019 University Catalog 
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GCC - 715 Advanced Studies on Molecular, Cellular, and Functional Tissue Biology

The Graduate Core Curriculum GCC715 is an Advanced Molecular, Cellular and Functional Tissue Biology course for one credit hour. The field of Human Genetics has grown dramatically in recent years, in large part due to rapid advances in new technologies for discovery and the explosion of new data and resources. Human Genetics interfaces with multiple research and clinical disciplines and is at the forefront of many new discoveries. GCC715 emphasizes strategies for mapping disease-associated genetic variation, the design and interpretation of experiments to characterize the molecular, cellular and tissue pathology of implicated mutations, and how these discoveries are moved into the clinic. GCC715 provides students with an opportunity to learn about cutting edge technologies and the application of experimental approaches and genetics research to clinical practice. This course involves problem-solving workshops, clinical correlations, student-directed learning in small group sessions. This graduate course will provide a small-group environment for the analysis and discussion of controversial topics in Molecular, Cellular and Functional Tissue Biology.  Readings and other assignments will be provided on Blackboard. The students will review all the materials and generate questions that will be the focus of interactive small group sessions. The discussion places a heavy emphasis on critical analysis and active participation from all students enrolled in the course. The topics are closely related to the lectures. Retake Counts for Credit: Yes. Pass/No Pass Grading Allowed: No. Credit(s): 1