May 26, 2020  
2018-2019 University Catalog 
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing Science, PhD

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Students may enter the PhD program with a BSN or an MSN degree. Non-nurses with a graduate degree in a health-related field may also apply for admission to the PhD program.

Terminal Objectives

Graduates of the PhD program develop the skills of a clinical researcher. These skills are based on the integration of knowledge from biological, behavioral and clinical sciences. Their clinical research skills contribute to the scientific basis of care provided to individuals across the life span and in any setting where care is provided. Graduates also have leadership skills necessary to serve as senior academicians and influence health care systems and policy.

  • Synthesize and apply theoretical and research-based knowledge in the investigation of clinical phenomena
  • Test and integrate disciplinary knowledge in models of clinical practice across the levels of prevention
  • Generate and disseminate research-based, clinically-related knowledge
  • Analyze health care trends to influence health and social policy for diverse client populations
  • Participate in collaborative interprofessional practice and research
  • Assume faculty responsibilities within a senior academic environment
  • Function as a clinical scientist

Graduation Requirements

Divisional graduation requirements require completion of the approved individual program of study. For MSN to PhD students, coursework for the PhD must be the equivalent of at least 52 term hours of graduate credit in addition to the completed dissertation. BSN to PhD students must complete at least 60 term hours of graduate credit in addition to the dissertation. Students have a maximum of eight years to complete degree requirements.

Academic Program Curricula

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Nursing Science

Subtotal: 6

Subtotal: 6*

Subtotal: 20

Subtotal: 3

Subtotal: 12


Credit Hours: (5)

Subtotal: 5


Subtotal: 12

Bridge Coursework

(Individual for each student; only for BSN-PhD students)

Subtotal: 8

Total: 72 (for BSN-PhD); 64 (for MSN-PhD)

*Students who have not previously taken a graduate-level biostatistics course must take a three-hour course prior to taking NSG-684: Intermediate Statistics. To fulfill this requirement, they may take NSG-522: Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics for Nursing Practice, or they may transfer in an equivalent course taken at an accredited school. 

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