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2020-2021 University Student Handbook 
2020-2021 University Student Handbook

Tobacco-Free Work Environment

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Rush University Medical Center supports the surgeon general’s report on use of tobacco products as a major cause of preventable death. Tobacco use has been documented to contribute significantly to health problems for those who engage in the practice and those who are subjected to an environment where tobacco smoke is present.

Rush University Medical Center, to be consistent with its mission, seeks to promote the health, safety and quality of life of all members of the Rush community. To that end, Rush is a smoke and tobacco-free campus.  Tobacco products that are prohibited include, but are not limited, to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes, vaping devices, all forms of smokeless tobacco and other products made primarily with tobacco.

  1. In accordance with these standards, Rush prohibits smoking, vaping or the use of tobacco products by anyone-including  employees, patients, visitors, physicians, students, faculty, volunteers and contractors-on the Rush campuses.
  2. Regarding premises outside of the Rush campuses, smoking, vaping or the use of tobacco products is prohibited in all  buildings or on grounds owned, leased or controlled by Rush wherever located, including adjacent public sidewalks and adjoining properties. This policy may be limited by the policies of the landlord or third-party tenants of such premises.
  3. Smoking, vaping or tobacco use is prohibited in Rush owned, leased or controlled vehicles wherever located.
  4. Smoking, vaping or tobacco use is prohibited within 15 feet of all Rush shuttle bus stops, immediately adjacent to Rush campuses.
  5. Signs are posted at each entrance indicating Rush is a tobacco-free environment are posted at each entrance.
  6. Potential new hires will be informed of the tobacco-free work environment at the time of employment application.
  7. Current tobacco use will be asked at time of health screening. Those with a positive history will be given referral information for smoking cessation.
  8. The tobacco-free work environment and policy will be reviewed at new employee orientation.
  9. While this policy does not require employees to quit tobacco use, Rush supports and encourages all efforts by employees to quit tobacco use.
  10. Rush offers smoking cessation and coping programs to employees and encourages them to participate. For more information, please contact ChooseHealth@rush.edu or (312) 942-7479.
  11. It is the responsibility of all Rush staff, faculty, students and employees to ensure compliance with this policy. Enforcement of this policy is a shared responsibility of all Rush personnel.
  12. Employees violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action (see Human Resources Policy and Procedures - Code of Conduct).