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2020-2021 University Student Handbook 
2020-2021 University Student Handbook

Student Involvement

Student Organizations


The Office of Student Life and Engagement recognizes the interests and goals of each student organization through administrative and limited financial support. Student organizations are focused on areas of professional interest, personal interest, social issues, and ethnic or religious affiliation. Students who wish to establish a new organization are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Life and Engagementstudent_life@rush.edu or (312) 942-6302.

Currently, there are more than 35 active organizations including the RU Student Senate, American Medical Student Association, the Graduate College Student Council, National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, Rush Medical College Student Council, Rush Muslim Students’ Association, RU Student Nurses Association and the Student Occupational Therapy Association. A full listing and descriptions of all approved organizations can be found on the Student Life and Engagement involvement webpage.

The following student organizations are officially registered with the Office of Student Life and Engagement for the current academic year:

*Denotes groups that are Student Affinity Groups, advised by the office of Student Diversity and Community Engagement

Careers in Medicine

RMC boasts 17 active career interest groups unified under a student Careers in Medicine advisory. Each CIG is student-led and has a faculty advisor. For more information, visit the Rush Medical College website and search for Careers in Medicine or email christine_corral@rush.edu

  • Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Interest Group (CTSIG)
  • Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)
  • Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)
  • Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)
  • Geriatric Interest Group (GIG)
  • Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)
  • Medicine Pediatrics Interest Group (Med-Peds)
  • Neurology: Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)
  • OB/GYN Interest Group
  • Eye Love Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedic Interest Group (OIG)
  • Pediatric Interest Group (PIG)
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Interest Group (PM&R)
  • Preventive Medicine Interest Group (PMIG)
  • Psychiatry Interest Group (PsyIG)
  • Radiology Interest Group (RIG)
  • Surgery Interest Group (SIG)

Student Events Calendar

Office of Student Life and Engagement
Room 984, Armour Academic Center
(312) 942-6302

The Office of Student Life is committed to providing an atmosphere to enhance each student’s experience and connection to Rush. The Student Events Calendar located on the Student Life and Engagement’s University Portal page, provides a schedule of upcoming events planned by student organizations and affinity groups. Questions can be directed to student_life@rush.edu.