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2020-2021 University Student Handbook 
2020-2021 University Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Nursing Student Guidebook

The Rush University College of Nursing Student Guidebook is published as a guide for students and faculty. The College reserves the right to add, amend, delete, or deviate from any specifications herein at any time and to apply such changes to registered and accepted students.  Students are responsible for reading the information provided and acquainting themselves with the College and University policies and regulations to which they are required to adhere.



Welcome Letter from the Dean  

Introduction to the University and Medical Center  

Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) Description    

Rush University Medical Center Mission, Vision and Values   

Rush University Mission, Vision and Values   

Rush University College of Nursing (CON)  

College of Nursing Mission, Vision, Conceptual Framework, and Philosophy        

College of Nursing Description and History       

College of Nursing Seal and Pin    

College of Nursing Curriculum  

Curriculum Overview  

Terminal Program Objectives    

Programs of Study  

Authorization for the CON to Operate in Other States     

Policies and Procedures  


Entry Points  

Exit Options  

Conditionally Admitted Students  


Transcript and Licensure Delinquency   

Student-at-Large Status  

Post-Doctoral Fellowship   



Continuous Enrollment    

Application of Academic Credits for Continuing Education Licensure/Certification Renewal   

Dropping and/or Adding Classes  

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal  

Transfer of Credit  

Credit by Proficiency  

Application to Transfer Between Programs  

Independent Study  

Request for Support or Accommodation  

Communication with Students  


FERPA Description   

HIPAA Exception Letter, Danger to Self or Others   

Health and Safety  

        Student Health and Safety Requirements  

Hazardous Exposure Policy  

Illness During Class or Clinical  

Counseling Services  

Academic Civility      

Filing an Academic or Non-Academic Complaint  

Prohibition Against Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct  

Progressions Policies and Procedures  

Academic Progression for All Students Enrolled in the CON  

Progression Policies  

Incomplete Grade(s)   

Unsafe Student in the Clinical Setting  

Policies Concerning Academic Honesty and Student Misconduct  

Fitness to Progress  

Drug and Alcohol Free Workforce   

Course Policies  

Preparation for Class  

Attendance at Class  

Online Courses  

Uniforms/Practice Attire for GEM students  

Clinical Unit Behavior  

Academic Improvement  


Grading Policies  

Assignment of Grades  

Auditing a Course  

Pass/No Pass Option  

Student Academic Appeal Process  

Graduation and Commencement  

Degree Requirements  

Graduation and Commencement Requirements  

Advisement Guidelines  

Academic Advising Process Overview  

PhD Advisement Process           

PhD Program of Study Guidelines  

Guidelines and Forms for PhD Matriculation  

Statistical Support  

PhD Products by Year of Program  

Student Authorship Guidelines  

DNP Advisement Process  


        DNP Student Project Team   

Evolution of a DNP Project  

GEM Advisement Process  

Forms and Documents   

CNL Advisement Process  

Post-Graduate Certificate Advisement Process